POSTcard Landscapes from Lanzarote I and II


Varvara & Mar (Estonia)


The project consists of two videos representing a journey of critical tourism through the latent space of AI-generated images using StyleGan2. The artwork draws attention to the influence of the tourist gaze on the landscape and identity formation of the Lanzarote island in Spain. Heavily dominated by the imaginative geographies that have been constantly reproduced by the visitors, create a conflict between desired touristic rituals that we are preprogrammed to reproduce when arriving at the destination and the reality. Hence, as states Jonas Larsen “[…] circulating images overpower reality: ‘reality’ becomes touristic, an item for visual consumption.” 


(Larsen 2006, 242)


POSTcard Landscapes from Lanzarote I sound by Adrian Rodd

POSTcard Landscapes from Lanzarote II sound by MIISUTRON